Cubicle Organization is the Best Solution for Improving Office Productivity

I oftentimes get in a rut in my office at work as well as in my home office. More often than not, it is because I have gone away from my organizational tendencies and my office has become cluttered. When I am not organized, my productivity wanes especially in my office cubicle. Since a cubicle has only a limited amount of space in comparison to my home office which is a lot bigger, any decrease in organization shows up really fast. The organizational cubicle accessories that I utilize to maintain an orderly office make the difference for me.

File Cabinet Location
A file cabinet, in any office, is probably the most important organizational accessory that you can purchase. You can purchase either a 2 drawer file cabinet or a 4 drawer file cabinet and another option is to purchase the 2 drawer model first and if you need more space just buy another one and stack it on top of the original one. For my home office the 2 drawer file cabinet is sufficient for both my work needs and personal needs.

One thing you should remember in any office is to make sure that whatever file cabinet you do have is in close proximity to where you are regularly working. If it ends up being across the other side of the office, do you know what happens? Those file folders that you are working on will never get back into the cabinet and will be found all over your office. Never disregard the location of your file cabinet.

Strategic Shelving
Sometimes you need to have somewhere to store items which simply aren’t meant to be inside a file cabinet. This is where cubicle shelving comes into play. You can buy a desk shelf or a unique cubicle shelf that attached to the wall. Other options you have are hanging trays in which you can store anything and hanging pockets for file folders that you are regularly accessing. The best part about being able to use the walls is that it will free up valuable desk space. Instead of those abundant small office items occupying a space on your desktop, you are able to find a spot for them on a shelf.

Desk Organizer
There are a lot of extremely small office items that oftentimes end up being stored all over your office cubicle. Pens, pencils, paper clips, white-out, binder clips, elastics, and small notepads can all reside in one unit called a desktop organizer. I use one and wouldn’t be without one.

Organizing your cubicle or small office space takes a little bit of effort as well as cubicle accessories to make it work. Make the right investments and you’ll stay on track in your quest for office organization.