Options for Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles have surged in popularity lately. More and more people are exploring these as an option when they are remodeling their home. The reason that people like these sorts of shower stalls is because of all the options available to them. People can choose from futuristic looks to things that are a little more classic, but either way people are finding they like these. This new move in bathroom design brings a whole new set of decisions to the remodel of an existing bathroom.

The first thing you decided if you want to install shower cubicles is how big you want them to be. These shower stalls come in all different sizes and shapes. You can go with the regular sizes that are at the home improvement stores or you can work with someone that can have your cubicle custom made. You just need to decide what your budget is if you are going the custom route because that can add up quite quickly.

Once you know the size and style of your cubicle it will be time to start making decisions about some of the things that will go inside the cubicle. You can choose the type of showerhead you want, whether or not you want shelves in your shower and you can even have a shower bench installed if you would like to.

When you are choosing your showerhead it isn’t just about what type of showerhead you’d like to have. It is also about how many showerheads you would like to have. In shower cubicles you can have multiple showerheads installed. These showerheads not only provide you with a total body clean, but they can be set up to act as therapeutic showerheads providing in-shower massage for aching joints and muscles.

You can also select the shelving you would like to have in your shower. There are all sorts of choices in terms of the number of shelves you like to the type of shelves you’d like. You may just want a very small shelf that only holds a few essentials. However, if you have a large space you may want a large shelf or a few shelves in order to store all of you showering necessities.

Finally, one other thing to think about is whether or not you would like to have a bench in your shower. This may not be something you’ve really ever considered, but if you know it is an option for your cubicle design then you need to at least consider the idea. A bench in your shower can be a very helpful and useful feature for you. If you do decide you want a bench you just need to make sure that there is enough room for you and the bench in the cubicle.

Steam Shower Room Some Amazing Benefits for You and Your Home

Bathing is a great thing to have; especially when you get home tired and frustrated after dealing with the madness of a whole working day. That is when you need a refreshing bath. However, you need to put some effort if you are not happy about your mundane shower. Thanks to the continuously improving tools and technologies, now you have various amazing alternatives to choose from, such as the steam shower.

Not long ago, such amenities were confined to luxury hotels or spa retreats. However, technological advancements have made it possible to have such wondrous things right within your homes. That is why something as good as steam shower and steam shower bath has become practical and affordable to have in your homes.

This innovative technology not only offers new features, but it adds them to the array of features associated with conventional showers and baths. The new variety of team showers and bath units available in the market is quite different from the conventional ones; it relies on an independently functioning steam shower; thus justifying the name steam shower. In conventional steam rooms present in spa resorts and fitness establishments, steam was generated by converting water into gaseous state by using pressurized nozzles. On the other hand, this newer version of steam showers produces steam using its own steam generator, which is a small but powerful mechanism fitted into the base of every cubicle.

What’s amazing about this new generation of steam showers is that efficient production of steam is not the only feature available; it’s just the beginning followed by many more marvelous features. With so much at offer, your showering and bathing experience is definitely raised to new levels of comfort and leisure.

For people comfortable with tech-gadgets; there is much more at offer, such as television, radio, CD player, hands free telephone, iPod and MP3 compatibility. You can control all of such features with the help of a central control panel within the enclosure.

This doesn’t end here; in fact, it just contributes to a wonderful beginning to a wholesome showering and bathing experience. You have chromo-therapy lighting setup, comprised of ambient colored lights that help to relax you and boost your mood. You also get overhead monsoon showerhead mounted in the roof of the enclosure that offers a marvelous rainfall effect.

With such great healthy and refreshing offerings, having this technology laden luxurious Steam Shower Room in your homes is an investment worth every penny. If you are in the middle of home construction, you may go for it immediately and if you already own a home without this, you need to go through this amazing home improvement plan as soon as possible.

Make Money From Home Improvements

Increasing the value of your home with home improvement remodeling

When most people set about selling home they forget that their property is worth exactly what someone thinks that it’s worth. No more and no less. If a prospective buyer thinks that it’s worth more then you will make more money when you sell it. The location of your property and the size of it sets the base worth of the home but at the end of the day it won’t sell at the price you think it’s worth unless someone likes it when they view it.

So to increase the value of your home and make money when you sell it you need to make it look nice. That’s all you need to do, make it look great. By making your property look amazing instead of dull and tired you can increase the value of your home by as much as 20% in some cases and you can go a long way to achieving that goal without spending huge amounts of money.

Home improvement tip

So what makes someone like your property when they come to view? It isn’t the location or the size of the buildings because they new all that before they came to visit. Most people either fall in love with a place or hate it depending on what they see when they walk around. At the end of the day that comes down to the interior decorating and general impressions they get when walking around. Even clutter in rooms can put people off even though it has nothing to do with the property at all.

Concentrate on what your property looks like rather than trying to increase value with building work because that is what will give you the most increase in value for the least outlay of money.

Bathroom home improvement

The bathroom is a room that can really turn a visitor into a buyer if it looks good and there is a lot you can do to it without needing to spend a lot of cash on it.

Make sure that everything in the bathroom is spotlessly clean. Treat and eradicate any black mould that might be growing in places like the grout between tiles and the sealer around fixtures. The sight of black mould alone can be enough to put off a prospective buyer altogether. Always dry up any condensation as it forms as this encourages the mould to grow. Make cleaning a regular chore.

Lighting can play a big part in your bathroom experience so investigate soft soothing lighting arrangements. Small lights placed around the edges of a very small bathroom can make it look bigger than it really is which will immediately increase its perceived value.

Paint the walls and ceiling or better still, tile the walls. Light coloured tiles with simple designs are best for a bathroom and can be inexpensive. If you have the budget, tile the whole bathroom from floor to ceiling to give the biggest ‘oooh’ factor. This is very effective in a small bathroom.

Home Improvements Lighting


Home improvements through successful lighting in the home will make certain that you will receive ample light in areas where you need them, and this lighting also produces positive effects on the appearance of the room.

One of the most challenging areas of the house in terms of lighting would have to be the living room, due to it being multifunctional. Make sure that you will be able to have a background lighting installed that can make this room bright or dim, depending on the occasion. It would also be best to install separate controllable feature lighting that will focus on certain areas of the living room.

As for the dining room, you will need to have lighting at the dining table. Make sure that it is not glaring by installing a rise and fall fitting. For the background lighting, it should be gentle and has a dimmer control. You can add wall lights in special parts of the dining room, such as the serving and carving areas, to give an impressive effect during special occasions.

The kitchen usually needs a series of special lightings, with particular ones in focal points such as the stove, the sink, the food preparation area, and the cupboards. The best option would be to get separate and flexible controllable light sources.

For lighting home improvements on bathrooms, your most basic lighting requirement would be simple background lighting with a close mount central light. Great, and often important, additions would be fluorescent lighting over the sink to give you a decent light without the glare whenever you are shaving or applying makeup. For the shower cubicle, it would be best to install splash proof recessed lighting.

When you are thinking about the lighting in your bedroom, you need to consider the different purposes in it. You might want an overall peaceful background lighting for sleeping, but controllable local lighting would also be needed in order to cater to different activities such as watching television, reading in bed, dressing and undressing, and putting on makeup.

For the other different areas of the house, you should also keep in mind the particular types of lighting. Areas such as the hallway and the staircase should be properly lighted primarily for safety reasons. Ensure that any perched fittings do not obstruct the passage up and down the stairs, and that if there are any easily accessible recessed fittings because it is difficult and dangerous to have to use a ladder to reach a high level fitting whenever there is a failed light bulb.

Aside from functional properties of different types of lighting as home improvements, these will also offer great differences in terms of decorations and highlights.

Spotlights are very functional sources of lighting when you want to emphasize displays. They can work as single, double or triple units that can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. You can adjust the direction of the beam to give certain effects on the walls, drapes, and ceilings. Color changes can also make a dramatic difference. These are great for illuminating individual areas such as a display unit, the fireplace, or an arch.

Indoor security lighting is also needed in terms of home improvements. Good lighting discourages intruders from entering, and there are a variety of programmable controls that you can use to switch on plug in and fixed lights, for preset times or during sunset, even while you aren’t at home.